Interstate 86 (NY 17)
For ACRacebest Freeway & Dustykatt Freeway see Interstate 987 & Ponyland Province Highway 987
Interstate 86

Beautiful Dashie Northern Turnpike | Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy | Seneca Nation Expressway |
Beautiful Tempest Shadow Exwy | Cute Sandbar Freeway | The Quickway

Length Direction Maintained By Type
about 377 Miles
(including the EQ Hwy segments)
East/West NYSDOT/PENNDOT Controlled-Access Interstate Highway
West Terminus Cute Dashie Blvd (CR 98) in Rainbow Dash City, PA
East Terminus Interstate 87 (Adorable Nyx Turnpike / NYS Thruway) in Woodbury, NY
Dashie CountyAnthro County • Chautauqua • Cattaraugus • Allegany • Steuben • Chemung • Jasiri CountyKion CountyCub County
Major Intersections
• Cute Dashie Blvd • I-590 (Beau. Rani Fwy) • I-90 (NYS Thruway) • I-479I-586 (Ronny J Barker Tlwy) • NY 564 (AnY Pony / P. Luna Tpks) • I-99/US 15 • I-986 (Cute Chase Tpk) • I-686Cute Kion State ParkwayEquestria Hwy 401 • • I-384 (Cute Selene Blackcat Fwy) • I-84 (Cute Gallus Tpk) • I-887I-87 (Beau. Nyx Tpk/NY Thruway)
Highway System
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Interstate 86 (I-86) is a 377 mile interstate highway through Pennsylvania & New York. The whole western segment (west of Equestria) is labeled after the Beautiful Pegasus pony Rainbow Dash from MLP:FIM and the Beautiful unicorn Tempest Shadow from the MLP 2017 Movie. The segment of I-86 from the I-686 interchange in Finnickville, NY to the Equestria border though is called Cute Sandbar Fwy, a name that continues into Equestria.

New York State Route 17 (NY 17) is a NY state route that runs concurrent with I-86 from the NY/PA border near Erie, PA east to the interchange with I-87 at where NY 17 turns south along its own route.

From I-86's western terminus in Rainbow Dash City, PA northeast to its interchange with I-590/I-479 it is named *Beautiful Dashie Northern Turnpike*. From the I-590/I-479 interchange east to the Interchange with I-586 and from NY 564 to I-99 (Rochester Fwy) (Old I-390) near Bath, NY its called Beautiful Rainbow Dash Freeway. The segment between I-586 & NY 564 is named *Seneca Nation Expressway*. From U.S 15 east to the I-686 interchange in Finnickville, NY is called Beautiful Tempest Shadow Freeway. From Finnickville NY to the Equestria border is called Cute Sandbar Freeway. The Cute Sandbar Fwy name continues into Equestria on EQ Hwy 86. I-86 then has a gap in its route thats connected to its other segment on the other side of Equestria via Equestria Highway 401, Ponyland Highway 99, Horsetrailia Route 86. You can also bypass Equestria via Interstate 86 ALT which follows I-686 in Finnickville south to I-84 to I-86/NY 17 in Selene Blackcat City.

I-86/NY 17 picks back up on the other side of Equestria interchanging with NY 42. It continues along its real world path.

The Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy segment is named for Rainbow Dash (MLP:FIM) who I (project owner) have a big crush on. The Seneca Nation Expressway segment is named for the Seneca Native Americans in the area. The Beautiful Tempest Shadow Fwy segment is named for Tempest Shadow (Fizzlepop Berrytwist) a villain turned good in the MLP 2017 Movie that I (project owner) have a big crush on (she is also my marefriend in this project's world and I am the governor of Pennsylvania).

As of 2017, the segment of I-86 (Beautiful Tempest Shadow Fwy) is closed at the Cute Kion State Pkwy interchange, a detour is set to exit before the interchange on both sides and use NY 434 (Cute Badilli Rd). This is for a Reconstruction project of the I-86 (Beautiful Tempest Shadow Fwy) & Cute Kion State Pkwy Interchange as its very outdated and not able to handle the traffic.

Route Description

Western Segment

After crossing into New York State, Its where I-479 leaves to the south and I-86 (Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy) continue east towards a interchange with I-586. Here it becomes the Seneca Nation Exwy. Just after passing Salamanca, NY it comes to Silver Spoon Town, NY where at to a interchange with NY 564 (Beau. Luna Tpk / AnY Pony Tpk) where it becomes Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy again. It continues east to near Bath, NY to interchange with Rochester Fwy (I-99/U.S 15 North). At this point it becomes the Beautiful Tempest Shadow Expressway. At this point I-86 continues east thru Elmira and Horseheads to meet with U.S 220 in Waverly, NY. From here it continues and intersects with NY 26 and I-786 (Beautiful Jasiri Bypass/Cute Vitani Fwy) / PA 267 (Cute Bahati Whiteclaw Hwy) and I-686 (Kion - Twilight Beltway). After this it enters Durai City and interchanges with NY 434 (W. Cute Badilli Rd) and Cute Kion State Parkway. It continues into the city of Tycloud Park and interchanges with NY 12 (Tim C. McCormick Memorial Pkwy) and to Finnickville, NY where it meets I-686 (Lloyd Long Mem. Fwy) again and the Equetria Bypass Routes where the route becomes Cute Sandbar Freeway before interchanging with NY 79 (Finnick Blvd) before this segment ends at the U.S / Equestria border continuing into Equestria as Cute Sandbar Freeway and Equestria Highway 401 & Equestria Hwy 17 (Trans-Equestria Hwy).

The segment between U.S 15 in Painted Post east to the Equestria border was renamed to Beautiful Tempest Shadow Freeway after the cute (and now good) Tempest Shadow from the new 2017 My Little Pony Movie. (also because I (the project owner) have a big crush on her now). Then the segment between I-686 and the Equestria border was renamed Cute Sandbar Freeway in 2018 after the cute pony Sandbar from the MLP:FIM season 8.

See also Equestria Province Hwy 401, Ponyland Province 99, Horsetrailia Province Hwy 86

Eastern Segment

After leaving the Horsetrailia province of Equestria, I-86/NY 17 resume and interchange with NY 42. It also interchanges with NY 17K and other local roads before entering Selene Blackcat City & Middletown. It interchanges with I-384 (Selene Blackcat Fwy), I-84 (Cute Gallus Turnpike) and I-184 (Heros & Victims Mem. Fwy) before following its real world path again.

Major Intersection Guide


Before 2019, I-86 (in the project) was running to Kingston, NY but with help using OpenStreetMaps and a new Equestria map I was able to make I-86 & NY 17 run along their real routing. The old I-86 in this project heading to Kingston is now Interstate 987.

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