Interstate 84

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Interstate 84
Beautiful Cynder Tpk | Cute Nala Tpk | Cute Simba Tpk | Mufasa and Sarabi Tollway | Cute Sarafina Tollway | Patches & Midnight Memorial Tpk | Cute Gallus Tpk | Flight 77 Memorial Tpk

Length Direction Maintained By Type
390 miles East/West Long Family Turnpike Authority, Pride Lands Tollway Commission, Equestria's Turnpike Enterprise Tolled Interstate Highway / Interstate Highway
West Terminus Interstate 480 / Interstate 271 / U.S Route 422 WEST in Bedford Heights, OH
East Terminus Interstate 84 (Yankee Expressway) at the Connecticut border
Dashie CountyAnthro CountyPony CountyPridelands CountyAnimal CountyCub CountyZootopia County
Major Intersections
OH 11Interstate 79 (Brexx Nirpaw Tpk)Interstate 479Pennsylvania Route 66PA Route 564 (AnY Pony Tpk)Interstate 99 / U.S 15 (Cute Elliot Tpk)Interstate 686 (Kion-Twilight Beltway)Interstate 784 (M&C Tpk)PA Route 984 (Living Machines Fwy)Interstate 476 (Tristan & Taylor K. Tollway)NY Route 424 (Cute P. Skystar Hwy)Interstate 884 (Cute Terramar Fwy)I-584/DL AR 584 (Drag. Lord Ember Toll Rd)Interstate 384 (Heros & Victims Mem. Exwy)Interstate 184 (Beau. Selene Blackcat Exwy)Interstate 87 (Mike & Cindy Thruway)Interstate 887 (Nick & Judy Beltway) • Interstate 684

Interstate 84 (I-84) is a 300+ mile road in this project. (3052 Miles for whole length in project world) It runs across Pennsylvania & Ohio and New York in this project. The route is named in order as Beautiful Cynder Turnpike, Cute Nala Turnpike, Cute Simba Turnpike, Mufasa and Sarabi Tollway, Cute Sarafina Tollway, Patches Memorial Turnpike, Cute Gallus Turnpike, Flight 77 Memorial Turnpike.

The first segment of the route (Segment A) is named Beautiful Cynder Tpk (named for Cynder from the Spyro games) which runs from I-84's interchange at Interstate 480 / Interstate 271 / U.S Route 422 WEST in Bedford Heights, OH east to the OH 11 interchange in Dorset, OH.

The next segment (Segment B) is named Cute Nala Turnpike (Nala from The Lion King) which runs from the OH 11 interchange to the I-179 Interchange in Titusville, PA.

The next segment (Segment C) is named Cute Simba Turnpike (Simba from The Lion King) which runs from the I-179 interchange east to PA 66 interchange in Ponyville, PA.

The next segment (Segment D) is named Mufasa and Sarabi Tollway (Mufasa & Sarabi from The Lion King) which runs from the PA 66 interchange to the U.S 15/I-99 interchange in Liberty, PA.

The next segment (Segment E) is named Cute Sarafina Tollway (Sarafina from The Lion King) runs from the U.S 15/I-99 interchange east to the I-784 interchange in Midnightville, PA.

The next segment (Segment F) is named Patches & Midnight Memorial Turnpike (My (Project Owner's) Family's passed on kittys. It runs from the I-784 interchange in Midnightville,PA east to the NY 424 interchange in West Thoraxville, PA. It is named in memorial for my (project owner's) family's passed on male kitty Patches (passed Aug 2017) and female kitty Midnight (passed Sep 28 2018). He and his sister are now up in heaven with God. We love and miss Patches & Midnight so much. [1]

The next segment (Segment G) is named Cute Gallus Turnpike (Gallus from MLP:FIM) runs from the NY 424 Interchange in W. Thoraxville, PA east to the I-87 Interchange in Zootopia, NY.Named for the cute male griffon Gallus in My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic season 8 (part of the "Student Six").

The last segment (Segment H) is named Flight 77 Memorial Turnpike from I-87 to the Connecticut border. It is named in memorial for the ones that dies in American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11, 2001.

Flight 93 has a memorial road in western Pennsylvania that runs along US Route 209 named Flight 93 Memorial Hwy. The other two planes that crashed into the World Trade Center and for the heroes & victims of the towers is memorialized on I-80 near Onoville (see I-80 page).

Exit Guide

Exits below are in Miles-Based Exits. The old exit numbers are listed also. Note that miles in this project are guessed for most of the roads.

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Simba & Nala Artwork (C) Disney
Mufasa and Sarabi Artwork (C) Disney
Sarafina Artwork (C) Disney
Patches (Cat) Photo & Midnight (Cat) Photo (C) Jlong Media / Long Family Pets
Gallus Artwork (C) cheezedoodle96

1. See Pictures of my family's pets at our website

Auxiliary routes of Interstate 84
Pennsylvania (• Interstate 184Interstate 284Interstate 384Interstate-684Interstate-784 ) New York (• Interstate-184Interstate 384Interstate-584 • Interstate 684 • Interstate 984 )
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